Build Sales


Set realistic goals

Do you know what your restaurant's chip incidence is? Do you have a goal on what you want it to be?

Use this "No Lonely Sandwich" Calculator to see your opportunity!

Merchandising Matters

A fully stocked rack will sell more!

SUBWAY® markets that follow their suggested planogram have proven to have higher incidence than those that do not

Find your Planogram.

Upsell & lead by example

Create a culture of upsell and be sure to ask every guest, every time: "would you like chips and a drink today?"

Utilize your purse rail rack

Merchandising chips on your purse rail rack is a great way to encourage impulse purchases. You can sell 3-5 additional bags per day just by utilizing this prime location!

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Contact your Frito Lay representative

We can help make customized recommendations based on your restaurant's unique needs.

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